Personal Short

It’s Like Fast Food for the Brain



That’s what makes us continue with anything.

We are intrigued when we believe a question will be answered.

Most of us have an answer to something that is unlike anything anyone has ever heard. The question is – will you share that answer?

  • How will you share it?

  • Do you want people to hear it?

  • Do you know how to get them to hear it?

  • Can you put it into words yourself?

  • Did you even recognize there was something locked inside of you at all?

  • Would you be willing to have someone find it and reveal it?

  • Does it have to take 300 plus pages to reveal an answer?

Who has time? People’s minds want to be fed and they want to be fed fast.

People can’t wait to be inspired 300 pages later. They’d like it in 40 or less.

One character in a fictional film or novel can be the biggest trigger of a life.

In can happen in 300 pages or it can happen in 1.

The time it takes to read a compelling story of just 40 pages is all that is needed to invoke the drive.

Quotes will inspire. But, is it enough? Does it carry through with you for the next hour, let alone a whole day?

There is a common pain amongst people today – not being recognized for who they are and that’s why many choose to write a book.

But, a book should be much more than just a story. A book is something that can spark the beginning of a movement.

The question is…

When did you last speak in YOUR voice? When did they last hear YOU?

The pain comes when you realize that all this time, you haven’t been recognized – not for what you want to be…

It’s a common trait. People surrendering their thoughts and voice to that of a leader. What would so and so do? What would they say? The initial inspiration of the leader fades into following the leader instead of taking the inspiration and creating their own.

There is a pestilence that is sweeping our world. It’s an addiction that most deny, but live with the symptoms everyday…

The addiction of possibility… The plague of wanting more… the symptom of unfulfilled desire and the search for the cure…

What if your audience reached that desire and found their cure through your Personal Short?

What is a Personal Short?

Your Personal Short symbolizes your gift to the future. It’s more than a great product or service. Your gift is something that makes them cry, makes them laugh and it turns those laughs and cries into action.

You have something stunning within you, something out of this world that can be turned into something so simplistic and so impacting that it will stand before the glare of tremendous scrutiny. All, in less than 40 pages.


I am convinced that every single person has the want to be real. It’s easy to be real, when your truth is known. When you own your truth – they will follow.

When we speak, minutes will reveal inspired freedom that transports you to a feeling of bliss… Because you are heard. You are understood. Your truth is UNLOCKED.

What’s inside you that when unlocked will create that movement? There is no doubt it is there. The doubt is whether you will gift it to the world.

Your Personal Short creates the platform for you to be heard.

  • Your voice is found – no, not the one you think you have, the one that will start the movement.

  • Your story is written – the story that speaks. The story that inspires other voices – voices of truth.

  • It’s that book you’ve always wanted to write, but it’s done faster and more effectively.

  • You have something to present quickly. Now, not later…

What do you emote right now? What if it was grander?

Through a powerful short story that surpasses the norm and promotes a response through emotional connection and powerful messaging, the true essence of your message is showcased.

You feel safe. You feel complete. You are seen and will continue to be seen because you have begun your quest. Your cause will never go unnoticed.

This is your custom landmark story based on your desires and needs to achieve powerful and creative entertainment and knowledge.

Your Personal Short strategically and effectively communicates the heart of your vision. It feeds spirits… quickly.

Holy Awesome Personal Short Packages: 


Package 1: Totally Awesome (contact us for pricing)

- Your 35 page Personal Short showing your magic.


Package 2:  Seriously Awesome (contact us for pricing)

- Your 35 page Personal Short showing your magic, plus

- A super cool graphic cover page that makes YOU and the story dazzle.


Package 3: The Holiest of Awesome (contact us for pricing)

- Your 35 page Personal Short showing your magic, plus

- A super cool graphic cover page that makes YOU and the story dazzle AND

- A trailer/coming attraction video of your short. A rockin’ presentation that says it all…