Ghost Writing

Connecting, Inspiring, Taking Action, and Getting Results….

Do you have a brilliant idea for a book but can’t find the time to write it or even know where to begin?

At JellyRoll, Inc. your brilliance is reached.

It has been my experience that each person has more to give than they believe they do. Once that belief limit is unlocked, the harmonious song can begin.

Now the melodic montage of thoughts and ideas come to life and the velocity of freedom and clarity are set forth. We all have a voice that needs to be heard. I thrive on connectedness, fulfillment and humor. There is nothing more gratifying than giving someone what they need, while feeling satiated and enthused at the same time. This is what your ideas can bring to others.

Everyone has the ability for brilliance and fulfillment. Just one person can create an impact large enough to change the world.  Now, more than ever, the need for fulfillment is so strong.  It’s time for you to quench the need in others while meeting your own.

When you hire a ghostwriter, like myself or one from JellyRoll, it can greatly improve your career as a published author. No matter what field you are in, having the credibility of being a published author immediately sets you apart from the rest.

For some, they have a novel that’s been living inside them for years with a strong desire to get it onto paper. For others, they simply know that they need to write a book. Time is a factor for many people, though, and that’s when hiring a book writer becomes a better option.

Every person has something extraordinary within them that can be documented into a compelling book. It’s knowing how to pull that out and create it into a story that will attract readers and keep them wanting more from you.

When we write your book, in your voice or chosen style, we take your idea and we polish it into a story that resonates with the reader. Think of JellyRoll as your channel.

Here’s how it works:

We meet or speak on the phone.

We review your ideas and goals for your book. Whether you are already a published author or this is your first book, we will take your essence and create a book with effective content that will elevate you and your career to higher levels.

We work with a team that can get you published, even get you to best-selling author status and take care of all your layout and printing needs at a very low cost if you choose to self-publish.

The result? You feel relieved that your message is in good hands and your story will be told in the most effective manner. You feel fulfilled, inspired, and unique. The voice that makes you stand out from the rest will be heard.

Let JellyRoll help you expand  and touch your audience and  make a difference in the world. Demonstrating who authors are through their story, language and ideas is the foundation behind the success of JellyRoll clients.

If you’ve always dreamt of being an author and creating that ripple, then this is your opportunity.  Procrastination is the roadblock that keeps you away from the dream. If you’re thinking of doing it now, then now is the time to do it.