The Book Proposal

Get them intrigued…Quickly


A book proposal is the material, before the actual book, that can get you published and seen as the visionary.

Publishing is all about finding the ideas that will sell: The ideas that put out the next best book. As an author, you are needed. So, answer the need.

The proposal will show you at your best. It will make your ideas glow and it will inform the audience and intrigue them. Their next step will be asking you for more.

It might seem like a puzzling procedure and often daunting. It requires your best work because this is the piece that will create a plan for your book and bring you to the next level.

It doesn’t matter what the material is – fiction, children, young adult, magic life equations or wisdom. It’s something that they need and it’s something that you can give.

Your book proposal will illustrate your ideas and your gift to the future.

We take the stunning in you and we turn it into something easy and exciting. Your proposal will reflect the journey the book will take, the sources of revenue, the marketing plan, the competition and more. It will reveal samples from the actual book and in the end it will captivate.

It’s a short piece that shows you are the real thing. You are the truth.

Let readers feel inspired, touched and understood when they read your proposal.

Let us show what’s inside you and your book that when the world reads, will create that movement.

This is your custom landmark story based on your desires and needs to achieve powerful and creative entertainment and knowledge.

Your proposal will communicate that you are outstanding. You are strategic. You are effective. And yes, they need you.